Place an Row in post/page/portfolio post.

Please follow below steps to use “Row” shortcode.

  • Step 1: Login to WordPress Admin section.
  • Step 2: Add/Edit any page/post/portfolio post.
  • Step 3: Click on “+” button (Add New Element), it will show the popup with all shortcodes.
  • Step 4: Click on Brando tab, it will show all shortcodes of Brando theme. Now click on “Row” shortcode.
  • Step 5: Follow below inputs/settings and see “Row” preview in frontend.

General (tab)

Equal height – If checked columns will be set to equal height.

Content position – Select content position within columns.

Row Style – Select row Style with Image or column.

Background Image
– Set Background image.

Background Image Type
– Select Image type with fix or cover.

Column Without Row – Select Yes to set column without row.

100% Full-width, Without Container – Set Full-width without container.

Container Fluid – Add container-fluid class instead of container.

Fullscreen Class – Add full-screen class in section.

Position Relative – Add position-relative class in section.

Overflow Hidden – Add overflow-hidden class in section.

Opacity (tab)

Overlay Div – Add Overlay Div below the section.

Overlay Opacity – Add Custom Opacity.

Overlay Color – Choose Color For Overlay.

Z Index – Add Z Index.

Hide Background (tab)

Hide Background For iPad Device – Select Yes to hide background in iPad device

Hide Background For Mobile Device – Select Yes to hide background in mobile device

Style (tab)

Min Height – Add min height like 500px.

Row Border – Add Border Configuration.

Mobile Border – Add Border For Mobile.

iPad Border – Add Border For iPad.

Required Padding Setting? – Select Yes to Set Padding for desktop, ipad and mobile.

Required Margin Setting? – Select Yes to Set Margin for desktop, ipad and mobile.

Animation (tab)

Animation Style – Select Animation style.

Extras (tab)

Extra ID – Define element id (The id attribute specifies a unique id for an HTML element)

Extra Class – Add additional CSS class to this element if you wish, you can define multiple CSS class with use of space like “Class1”.